Regression Therapy Why Should You Remember?

Do you have feelings of being unwanted? Do you suffer from any kind of addictions? Are you the one getting bullied or being victimized for an unknown reason? Do you suffer from temper issues? Are your relationships good? Do you feel you are lacking something even when you seem to have it all? You may not even have heard of the term ‘Regression Therapy’.

If you think that you are having issues on one of these areas and you tried every possible way to address them but they still keep on coming around then you MUST read this article as you may never have considered that Regression Therapy could help solve all your problems!

What is past life regression? Regression Therapy looks at healing from a holistic approach. Ones body, mind and spirit are all inter connected and affect each other. Regression Therapy seeks to take a client back into past experiences through hypnotic type venues, while the mind is kept aware.

These past happenings include ones from inside the womb of the mother, early childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Past Life regression therapy however is different from normal therapy. You not only regress to your childhood in this life but back to the long distant past to your childhood in previous lives.

Many people have some trouble coming to terms with the idea of living more than one lifetime, but there is actually quite a bit of evidence that suggests that one’s current life is only one of many. There are many well-respected people throughout history who have strongly believed in past lives, such as General George Patton, who believed his many lives spent in battle helped him strategize so well in World War II.

It isn’t uncommon for people to undergo this procedure and then talk of far off kingdoms or even wars. There might be those who talk of hunting in the prehistoric days. In some cases, their hunting partner is their wife in their current existence.

What is amazingly exciting is when clients actually prove there information about the remembered incidents in their past life regression therapy appointment. The way this can be done is by state, parish, county, and other type records.

There has been amazing reports of kids who have remembered accurately the recent past lives they have lived and they run into individuals still breathing and living to whom they were actually related to in their past lives.

It might not appear to be anything that can help us, however understanding ourselves in the past will go a long way in teaching us to deal with the issues in our lives right now. Once we understand what we can do and who we are, life will seem so much easier!

Faulty Thoughts is a phrase coined by regression therapists. These thoughts are negative from the clients previous life so they wind up with emotional type baggage plus in present life they have bad karma.

The only person who can change these negative thought processes is the one who created them in the first place. For this reason, the client must undergo regression therapy that enables him or her to change the negative energy into positive. This can be achieved by things like forgiveness, karmic repayment and re-patterning.

Forgiveness is based on the biblical scripture that reads, ‘Do unto others what you want others do unto you.’ Karmic repayment, from the word ‘karma’ (neither good nor bad; it is what our mentality is uttering that we should experience as a result of our previous actions), means correcting one’s negative behavior in order to repay them.

If a person is able to carry such things out, then it would be possible to re-pattern their energy fields. They can do this by practicing things such as tranquility, care, and other things that might be considered positive.

Regression Therapy, even though at times tiring, is reported to change lives. Many of the people say that doing this procedure gives them results such as: a fresh outlook on their life, a more positive attitude, and a richer sense of individuality.

To get to this place of peace and renewal, clients have to be committed to the process and be willing to come to truly know themselves and change their expectations for their lives.

Regression therapy is a fascinating subject, and you should seriously think about trying it yourself either just out of interest, to discover who you were in a previous life, or to help you with present day problems.